Finn Hydroseeders® and material blowers are used by the biggest green and infrastructure builders in Finland, e.g. the VRJ Group. We also use Finn machines in our own contracting business at Tieluiska Ltd., and that is why we have gotten to know their machines very well during the past decades.


Finn Hydroseeder® is the fastest, most cost-effective, and highest-quality method in lawn seeding, landscaping and erosion control. The emulsion mixture is sprayed onto the soil. This creates an ideal environment for seed germination. Under optimal conditions, the grass starts to grow in about 7 days and a new lawn will be blooming in about 3-4 weeks.

The Hydroseeder® mixes water, fertilizers, and the seeds in a tank, from where a pump transports the finished mixture to a nozzle that sprays the mixture to the planting area. As a result, large areas can be sown quickly and with high quality. Hydroseeders® are not only used for landscaping, but also for erosion control work, such as binding loose soil in flooded areas, landscaping polluted areas, binding dusty soil, and handling the covering of landfill on a daily basis.

Bark Blowers

The Finn Bark Blower is the most versatile tool on a job site – with it, you can work effortlessly on slopes, on difficult terrain and even in areas that are difficult to access. With the Bark Blower, you can handle large quantities of bulk material and you can also achieve material savings of up to 40%.

With the Bark Blower, you can work with the following materials:

– Bark & mulch

– Soil ingredients / compost

– Salt / sand

The advantages of this method compared to traditional implementation:

– Bark & Mulch blowing can be done on a job site that is already otherwise completed

– This method does not mess up the rest of the environment – there is no need for clean up afterwards

– This method does not need a separate space for temporary storage, e.g. cramped courtyards

– Maintenance of the job site during the warranty period will be easy = adding mulch

– As an option, it is possible to sow seeds at the same time with the blowing


The spreading of bark and mulch can be done on almost any type of terrain, even in wet conditions:

– Over and through fences

– From behind retaining walls

– Around trees

– Inside buildings

If you need to use a Finn machine only for a short while, you can ask about the possibility of renting it.

You can find more detailed information on Finn machines below.

Finn Hydroseeder®

With Finn Hydroseeders® you can achieve an evenly growing lawn or meadow with just one step

With Finn Hydroseeders®, designed for finishing green areas, you can sow large areas quickly and with high quality. The Hydroseeder® mixes water, nutrients, and the seeds to be sown together in a tank, from which the finished solution is sprayed directly onto the sowing area. Working with a Hydroseeder® combines several working steps, which results in significant time savings. Because the solution is spread out evenly, the growing environment is ideal for the seeds, the grass starts to grow quickly, and the end result will be even and look beautiful. There are many different sizes of Hydroseeders® to choose from.

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Finn Bark Blowers

With Finn Bark Blowers, you will save both mulching material and working time

During the finishing phase of constructing a green area, Finn Bark Blowers are used to spread mulch or other soil materials easily and quickly over large areas. Compared to traditional methods, with the Finn Blower it is possible to save considerably on working time and up to 40% in material costs. Blowers make it easy to spread substances in challenging areas, such as on slopes, around trees and behind fences and other barriers.

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