SK-Kaivin offers comprehensive contracting and serves a mining company called Dragon Mining at the Jokisivu Gold Mine in Huittinen. SK-Kaivin mines and then delivers the ore from underground to the concentration plant. Gradall machines are used for scaling the walls of the mine and cleaning the ends of the tunnels.

Facts about SK-Kaivin

Industry: land construction and land transfer
Turnover in 2023: 11.9 million
Employees: 42

Read their whole story below, or watch the video interview (in Finnish) with Tomi Ojanen, the Project Manager of SK-Kaivin.

Tomi Ojanen says that the biggest challenge for their daily operations is to ensure safe, efficient operations underground. When operating in mine tunnels, where ventilation and possibilities for maintenance activities are limited, the machines must be modern, low-emission and suitable to carry out many different tasks. When a professional driver can use a new, well-equipped, and maintained machine, the work proceeds as planned. Indeed, SK-Kaivin has managed to work at the Jokisivu Gold Mine for more than 2,000 days without any accidents.

Experiences with the new Gradall 3300 machine 

“In the ventilation, the binding of dust works better than before and certain protective functions for the driver have been improved. The maintainability of the machine has also improved from the previous model a few years ago.”

Tieka has provided SK-Kaivin with two Gradall machines that have been customized. The older machine has been used for five years, the newer one for two years.

Ojanen talks about the development of the new Gradall 3300 machine compared to the previous model:

“The newer machine, Gradall 3300, shows improvements, e.g. in hydraulics, which are now even more efficient and smooth. The previous machine also has a tilting cab, but in the new machine this feature is implemented better. The machine’s entire electrical system has been upgraded from 12 volts to 24 volts.”

“Tieka designed and implemented a custom-made scaling spike for us. Together, we also designed new solutions to protect the machine’s boom from the hose breaking.”

Tieka recognizes a contractor’s challenges on the field

“We are usually in contact with the Tieka team in maintenance matters, either regarding annual maintenance or if we need technical advice with the machines. We usually get expert guidance on the phone, or sometimes Tieka’s team comes to visit the site.”

“With the Tieka crew, we can also think of new innovations for the development of our machinery. There are always competent guys answering the phone. Entrepreneur-driven Tieka recognizes a contractor’s challenges on the field, and we have always received help when we needed it. I tip my hat to Tieka and their service,” Ojanen praises.