Machines in heavy use are prone to breakdowns and need regular maintenance to remain operational for a long time. Our maintenance professionals help with both predictive work and planning. If the machine breaks down, you can get help from our repair service. We scan the situation with the customer using remote management tools and arrive with the right parts.

spare parts

Our spare parts warehouse is centrally located in Hyvinkää Finland – or at its best it can even be at the customer’s premises where the machine we deliver works. We are constantly developing our selection and service.


Our own team of mechanical engineers modifies the machines and their features to meet the customer’s needs with an innovative attitude.

For challenging jobs, we can offer the necessary changes to the machine to achieve the best results. The changes are designed to help the driver´s work and make the machine withstand even harsh conditions. The designers strive to create a cost-effective configuration exactly according to the customer’s needs.

Optimizing the tool is a cheaper and easy way to increase the usability of the machine. When the tool is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the object, the machine is most efficient. Standardized spare parts ensure easy maintenance and availability.

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