The unique telescopic boom makes working significantly more efficient

Thanks to our unique telescopic boom, working with Gradall machines in very demanding conditions is still efficient and accurate. The long reach of the boom, the 360-degree rotation, and the low structure of the entire machine make maintenance and service procedures of the metal and mining industry more efficient and easier, and all of this distinguishes Gradall machines from ordinary ones. Especially the mining industry appreciates the strong torque of the boom, which also works when the boom is pushed forward.

Durable, sturdy industrial machines for demanding conditions

The structure of the Gradall machines is remarkably sturdy and durable. Thanks to the low structure and good balance, the working area of the machine is wide. Because we value sustainability, we also focus on protection, and, among other things, place metal protective shields to protect parts that can be damaged easily, such as lights and machinery, thus avoiding time-consuming and expensive repairs. This way, especially in mines, machines are well protected from falling objects. Tires made of solid rubber, which do not puncture even in more unstable environments, are another example of our approach to sustainability and durability. In the metal industry, the machine is protected from high temperatures.

Customization for special requirements

Almost every new machine is customized in our production facilities in Hyvinkää to meet the customer’s special requirements. Customization needs vary, but often our customers want structural or hydraulic changes or other accessories.

Safer working conditions, better risk management

In addition to features that enhance operation, users of Gradall machines get to enjoy top-notch work safety. In mines, the telescopic boom enables a sufficient distance to be kept to the excavation point, so that possible falling objects do not cause damages. With radio control, the machines can also be controlled remotely, so that the driver’s line of sight to the work site is maintained even in challenging spaces. The same focus on safety is represented by the armoured glasses and protective shields that act as window protection. The automatic fire extinguishing system increases safety even more. Safety as a whole consists of dozens of small technical details.

Good ergonomics enhance operations

Working in cramped and limited spaces is always challenging. Gradall machines have many features that facilitate work and improve the quality of it. Among other things, the position of the driver’s cab can be adjusted, making it easier to work on objects that are located above the cab. The camera system captures objects that are difficult to visualize, and the driver can follow the machine’s movements and surroundings on the monitor. An automatic safety shoe washer integrated into the step prevents the driver from slipping and the interior of the machine from getting dirty. A separate fresh air filter and cabin pressurization system make sure the air the driver breaths stays fresh.

Good maintenance ensured by long-time experience

In the mining and metal industry, machines must work 24/7 and there must be no interruptions. Remember you can always ask for advice from our experienced maintenance experts. In addition to top expertise, spare parts needed for maintenance procedures can be found nearby and quickly, in some cases even from the customer’s own premises.

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Riku Yliniemi

Sales Manager, Gradall